Shooter staatsliedenbuurt condemned again

A 29-year-old man who has been serving a prison sentence for a shooting in the Amsterdam-staatsliedenbuurt, Wednesday again condemned.

The Court of Justice in the Hague eight Adil a. guilty of an attempted kidnapping and two attempts to aggravated assault. A. getting no additional jail time, because he already has been sentenced to life in prison.

The Amsterdammer tried in October 2012 with his accomplices, according to the Court, a man in a car. The victim got in a blow with a firearm. The perpetrators, including a., reason eventually away while the man in the Hague Vaillantlaan was lying on the ground.

A. According to the Court on the same day also rode in on a motorcycle COP, which in Lead behind the car of the Amsterdammer was stopped. After the agent had discharged warning shots, tore a. road and he rammed another car.

A. Anouar b. in may 2015 got life for the murder of Youssef Lkhorf (28) and Saïd el Yazidi (21) and the attempted murder of Benaouf a. in westerpark. "The law makes the imposition of a new prison sentence in such cases is not possible, even though the imposition of life imprisonment not yet irrevocably, because appeals in that case still running," said the Court. "For the facts in the Hague and Leiden remains the man so with impunity."