African development bank invests 300 million euros in Moroccan water industry

The African development bank (AfDB) is the most important donor in Morocco's water industry and has invested no less than 300 million euros.

The AfDB paid programs, both the water supply and distribution in more than 30 Moroccan cities improved, this is benefited more than two thirds of the Moroccan population.

A report published in may showed a huge increase in access to drinking water in rural areas, from 14 percent in 1990 to 94 percent in 2017. In urban areas, the AfDB helped stabilize the access to clean drinking water to approximately 100 percent, reports Moroccow

For about five million people is improved the quality and quantity of water in the region of Rabat-Casablanca, the new infrastructure also has the supply of drinking water for approximately two million Moroccans in Marrakech, Al Haouz and all Kelaa assured.

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