Berrechid: four crooks busted that expenditure for staff ONEE

The police arrested four individuals in Berrechid that various people had ripped off by pretending to employees of ONEE, the Moroccan national service for water and electricity.

Al Massae reported today that the four persons in Berrechid and surrounding areas and operated as employees of ONEE presented to residents who illegally on the electricity network were connected. They offered them the possibility to regularise their situation and a trial to avoid with ONEE against amounts of money which range between 1,500 and 3,000 dirham.

To convince their victims better, let the four people, one of whom had false ID ONEE Lydec, even stamped meters that they had acquired at a merchant in Casablanca.

The case came to light when some victims decided to contact the local services of the ONEE. Hereinafter referred to as the police was involved in an investigation that resulted in the arrest of the four crooks and the seizure of a rental car and some Lydec meters that in their homes were found.

As the research progressed, it appeared that two of the individuals were held for the first time and not even just had left the prison for similar incidents. They had previously occurred as officers of the judicial police and had tried to blackmail by a female doctor to accuse her of performing illegal abortions.

The men will be prosecuted by the public prosecutor for forgery and blackmail.