Rotterdam presents Street harassment punishable

Sexual harassment shall be 1 January Street punishable in Rotterdam.

Nasist, naroept, one who women on the street, to ask or in the sex drives closely, can expect a fine of up to 4100 euros or three months in prison. The change for the municipality (APV), so the responsible Joost Eerdmans (Safety) announced Thursday.

In anticipation of the ban go Rotterdam enforcement officials starting next month handing out warnings. They get a special training. Also come there to address sexual harassment four street enforcers. Also, open a hotline for victims that is associated with the Centre for sexual violence.

Research has shown that in Rotterdam 84 percent of women between 18 and 45 years to do with street sexual harassment. Eerdmans calls that unacceptable. "Everyone hears a street feel safe. The fact that women feel so limited in their freedom that they adjust their clothing or certain parts of the city Dodge, is not acceptable, "said the Councillor.

Rotterdam is considering a separate approach for the menace of gay, Lesbian and transgender people. Last weekend at the schouwburgplein still abused a young woman who with her friend walked hand in hand.

Also in Amsterdam is a provision in the APV that street harassment, punishable with a penalty of up to three months also 4100 euro or cell. There is not yet active in maintained, first the Amsterdam City Council there this summer talking about, says a spokesman for Mayor Van der Laan. In the Hague are also calls to criminalise Street harassment.

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