Morocco main regulations customs still get this straight

Customs in Morocco would like a better throughput at the border of MRE's, Moroccans living abroad.

L'Economiste reminds therefore today to 2017 in the regulations in force concerning imports of foreign currency, vehicles and tax exemption.

(about 9200 euro) in foreign currency must be indicated
It is compulsory amounts of more than 100,000 dirham in foreign currency at customs. The goal is to prevent irregular export of foreign currency.

The system of temporary admission to persons who travel with their vehicle in Morocco, is fixed at 6 months continuous or in a year. This also applies to registered motorbikes, quads, jet skis etc.

To take advantage of tax exemption, the cost of a product more than 2000 dirham. Interested persons must submit an invoice in triplicate and the article in question.
The inclusion of personal property (think of jewelry, portable headphones etc.) is exempt. However, these objects must be performed again when MRE's return to their country. Otherwise they will have to pay customs duties.