El Othmani: 50 billion dirham to combat social inequality

A budget of 50 billion dirham is assigned to 2016-2022 the national programme for social and territorial disparities in the rural areas, said the head of the Government yesterday in Rabat.

In the framework of the monthly session on public policy in the House of Afgevaardigheden El Othmani said that 20,800 projects that benefit 12 million citizens from 24,290 douars are planned in the framework of the national programme 2016-2022, making it possible to the deficits in infrastructure and social services in these regions are included to overcome.

While this geographical part of the Kingdom is subject to various programs and interventions and significant results have been achieved in the field of roads (79% reached in 1994 against 34% in 2016), access to drinking water (95% in 2015 against 34% in 1994), connection to the electricity network (99% versus 18% in 1995) and promotion of non-agricultural economic activities, the question of the effectiveness of these efforts and Government intervention pressing.

Particularly in the fields of education, health care, housing, competitiveness of the rural economy and governance there is still a lot of ground to win.

El Othmani gave during the monthly session that the Government will use a new approach to the fluidity of public interventions in rural areas through the launch of rural development projects in which all local partners are involved. There are in addition to strengthening cooperation contracts with local actors, while also taking into account the principles of advanced regionalisation.

To ensure the institutional criteria required for the success of this strategy and to the level of coordination of all national and local actors to optimize, El Othmani assured that the Government will adopt to these mechanisms of governance to strengthen coordination, in particular with regard to the development of programs and action plans by activation of the role of relevant technical committees.

el ohtmani