Six years demanded against absent jihadists

The public prosecutor's Office Thursday against three jihadists has uitgereisde for the Court in the Hague demanded six years imprisonment because of participation in the armed struggle in Syria or Iraq.

The three men (35, 23 and 24 years old) were not present. It is unclear where they are, possibly still in the war zone.

Their trial fits in drive it to jihadists despite absence to justice. As a result, others discouraged to join warring parties as Daesh, think it over. With a condemnation by default they can be put in any return immediately caught.

According to the Prosecutor took a 35-year-old suspect in October 2013 part in training and he went then to the fight area. He can be seen on a picture in Syria where he with a Kalashnikov for a Daesh-flag State. The two other defendants would be in 2013 have joined Jabhat al Nusra.

jabhat al nusra