Protests: King Mohammed VI recommends research into torture claims

Government spokesman Mustapha K.k has announced that there are higher instructions (of King Mohammed VI) to anyone to investigate medical claims to have been tortured.

Khalf said today during the weekly meeting of the Government in Rabat: "the higher instructions emphasize the application of the law", adding that the detainees have all legal guarantees for a fair trial.

K.k also said that the head of Government, Saad Eddine Othmani, will visit the region of Al Hoceima to developing projects that the Government has announced in response to the demands of the population. This visit will probably in the coming days, there is still no specific date released.

K.k Othmani added that earlier this week has met some officials of the region and a "explicit discussion" and concludes that "the solutions to solve the crisis in the reef related to development projects".

The Government has "new stuff" that is not already in the program of the project ' Moutawassit ' Al-Manarat Al Hoceima, K.k added, such as the building of new roads to some villages from the insulation and the allocation of 900 positions in the education sector in the region of Al Hoceima to combat unemployment.

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