Droid must support child with cancer

Scientists are working to develop a robot boyfriend to children with cancer.

Such a droid must be a personal and compassionate companion for patients at times when parents are not there.

A research team led by the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam is get started.

"Treatments using family not present may be, for example because of a radiological emergency, children should only. The stress they experienced this can complicate treatment and can be a traumatic experience for the child with adverse psychological effects in the long term, "said a spokesman. The team thinks the droid, Marv called, answer.

This robot must also prepare a child on the medical procedures, his emotional state and provide him or her distraction. The CWI is going to develop the software with business partner ASolutions the emotional condition of the child can lead from the facial expressions, speech and movements.