Almost 3000 families ask for name change in Morocco

More and more Moroccan families ask the civil registration authorities (civil status) change their last name to remember, especially when their surnames to persons involved in terrorist acts.

Under the title "3000 families want their name change", writes the newspaper Assabah about the problem that some people have with their last name. A last name with which the spot is driven, where jokes about or which recalls the names of people involved in terrorism.

Quoting the Ministry of the Interior reports that the number of applications in recent months Assabah has increased and that in 2016, 3000 requests are passed to the High Commission of civil status. 2261 requests were validated and 2137 are finally accepted.

People whose application was approved were allowed to choose a different last name, Assabah adds. The decrees that allow this change, were signed by the head of the Baby at the time, Mary Jane, and published in the official journal.

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