Palestine wants to develop partnership with Africa via Morocco

The Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad El Maliki expressed his desire to develop the partnership with African countries by using Moroccan experience and expertise in political and economic cooperation.

Riyad El Maliki is visiting Morocco at this time in advance of the meeting of the ' High Commission for bilateral cooperation ' which will take place in Ramallah in October with the leaders of Morocco and Palestine.

Yesterday in Rabat Morocco's model of cooperation with Africa at the Centre of a working meeting, reports were Lefr360 the Director General of the Moroccan international cooperation agency, Mohamed Methqal, and the Director of the Palestinian international cooperation agency, Imad Zouheiri, present.

The two agencies agreed to strengthen their strategic partnership through joint programs that both two countries as African countries operate. These programs will in all likely "attract financing of foreign institutions," said the Palestinian delegation. Mohamed Methqal also announced that a "framework agreement between the two agencies is signed soon".

The Palestinian delegation gave a tribute to King Mohammed VI for his efforts in favor of the Palestinian cause.

The Moroccan international cooperation agency has decided to increase the number of scholarships to Palestinian students to 100, currently these are still 70 scholarships.