Ministry Home Affairs: ' food availability and prices in Morocco during Ramadan stable '

In a press release from the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior is surprisingly positive about food market this Ramadan.

Almost every year, the Ramadan in Morocco, it is equivalent to a substantial inflation of food and beverages. This year that development a lot, according to the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior. In a press release following a Committee set up to monitor the different markets during the month, a significant improvement over the previous years.

Thus, the availability over the country greatly improved and prices would be less likely to fluctuate, as usual is a scarcity in certain foods coupled with a strong inflation. The Committee did this research by all over the country at as many as 24,473 outlets findings. At this number one on more than 1400 violations encountered, some of the offenders will have to answer before the courts soon.

The same Committee was during the first 12 days of this Holy fasting month were also forced to certain food from the market and destroy. In total, 53 tons of various types of foods like meat and fish, various juices, a considerable amount of dates and finally, vegetables, fruits, and Moroccan pastries.

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