2019: initiatiefloos Morocco African Nations Cup beaten by strong Cameroon no chance (video)

Ramadan or no Ramadan, today it failed once again to collective game and attacking effectiveness in the Lions v/d Atlas!

It is not the first and certainly not the last time that the national team of Morocco a qualification series bad starts. Reigning African champion Cameroon were found this afternoon in the own capital Yaoundé, a match that for the team of coach Hugo Broos was no more than a warm up for the Confederations Cup of Russia in coming weeks. The country has already been assured of participation in the African Cup by 2019, by being host country. Seen throughout the meeting, the team of national coach Herve Renard clear creativity deficit, both the buildup as the attacking genius were missing.

The only goal of the match was also the low point for the defence of Morocco, goalscorer Amer could without any obstruction 2 man shake. The most poignant was the share of Deportivo Alavés-Defender Ján Feddal in the emergence of the winning goal. The international hardly to the Cameroonian to keep up, eventually he kept even speed. Consequence: the Spire of Besiktas had free reign and could face to face with goalkeeper Munir his attack successfully.

In the second half the team of Renard lived more or less on. the building seemed slightly better, however it failed the necessary goal attempts. Pronounce all opportunities for some to the State on the scoreboard to do were not there. Morocco had her hands full to the life-threatening outbreaks and counters of Cameroon. That a number of players have chosen today not to fasting has unfortunately to no avail.

All the arrows are now focused on the enforcement of qualifying for the World Cup 2018 in Russia. The remaining encounters below in a row.
28/08/2017: Morocco vs. Mali
02/09/2017:Mali vs Morocco.
02/10/2017: Morocco vs. Gabon
06/11/2017: Ivory Coast vs. Morocco

1. Côte d'Ivoire : 4 point (s) from 2 matches, goal difference 3:1
2. Gabon: 2 item (s) from 2 matches, goal difference 0:0
3.Morocco: 2 item (s) from 2 matches, goal difference 0:0
4. Mali: 1 item (s) from 2 matches, goal difference 1:3

[video = youtube; e-4f-wNvBqg] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = e-4f-wNvBqg [/video]

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