National March in solidarity with Reef protests: who do and who does not

A number of parties and movements have announced their participation to the national March in solidarity with the Reef-protests, in which ' freedom, dignity and social justice ' are demanded.

The March was launched by left-wing activists in Casablanca and Rabat to "freedom, dignity and social justice" and in solidarity with the protesters in Al Hoceima and surrounding areas. The March will take place today in Rabat.

The Federation of the democratic left (FGD), but also the Anfass democratic movement, were among the first to announce their participation. Al Adl Wal Ihssane also announced its participation in.

The ' Unified Socialist Party (PSU), Member of the FGD, wanted to exactly specify that there is no coordination is carried out with Al Adl Wal Ihssane. The PSU has even gone so far as to accusing them that they never miss an opportunity to take part in a protest movement.

In addition to these parties, the leaders of the Moroccan Association for human rights stated that their association is participating in the event.

The National Youth Council of the Socialist Union of people's forces (USFP) released a statement with a categorical refusal of participation in this event and warned its members for any coordination with activists of this March.

The party of Justice and development (PJD) is reportedly divided on the participation. The student organization of the PJD has decided to take part in the March, against the instructions of the Secretary-General of the party, Abdelilah Baby.

The nationalist party Istiqlal (independence), under the leadership of Hamid Chabat, has also indicated not to take part in the March.