5 paradise islands with more than enough halal food that you should definitely visit

There is almost no better holiday than a vacation on an island paradise with crystal clear waters, great coral reefs and more than enough local halal food!

These paradise islands, where the majority of the population is Muslim, any Muslim who travel really likes even seen. Not only are the nature and the surroundings beautiful, you will feel at ease with you yourself also Muslim family.

The Cocos Islands are founded in 1826 by Alexander Hare, an Englishman. Although the Cocos Islands part of Australia, the native language of the island of Malay and English.

This Paradise Island with a total area of 14.2 square kilometers (5.5 square miles) has only about 600 inhabitants. If you get lost you can so rest assured that they will find you pretty quickly. The recent so called Cossies Beach on the Cocos Islands is the best piece of Australia called Beach by Beach expert Brad Farmer.

On the Cocos Islands is 80% of the population is Muslim.

Did you know that 98.9% of the population of Zanzibar Muslim?

Funny fact: did you know that there are in Tanzania, South of Zanzibar, an island with the name Mafia island? There are some very nice locations for diving.

In Tanzania they speak more than 140 different languages! Ma shaa Allah – that's almost a language for every resident, well, almost.

Lombok is also known as the island of thousand mosques, simply because there is a mosque on each corner of the street is! Their muadhins (those who call for the prayer) have the most beautiful voices, Ma shaa Allah!

Lombok is the best place to get your halal to satisfy needs and the best place to try out all the cocktails you never been able to try! Plenty of mocktails (alcohol-free drinks) are available in Lombok.

Many hotels in Lombok promoting themselves as Islamic with Qibla stickers and copies of the Koran on each room.

When you drive around on the island will make you stand out that cute little guys with kufis and girls with hidjabs leave school in small groups, or in a long line along the way.

Lombok has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world because many small towns of the island not frequented by tourists.

The Maldives are changed from Buddhism to Islam in the 12th century. The Maldives consists of 1,192 coral islands.

Most mosques are made of coral stone with corrugated iron or thatched roofs. Most shops and offices in the Maldives close 15 minutes after each call to pray. You do so no need to worry that you're missing your Salah while you're shopping.

Did you know that you are not a resident of the Maldives can be if you are not a Muslim?

Langkawi has a nine-month long rainy season that begins in March and ends in november. But hey, rain keeps no one against to go eat, right?

Malaysian food is incredibly tasty and Langkawi in particular has a number of places where you can eat the most delicious food, both locally and internationally. Seriously.

The island has 28 mosques, if you ever have a Malaysian meet you will know that you yourself will feel incredibly welcome wherever you go.

Langkawi is a duty-free island. You could therefore consider making gifts for your friends and family back home to buy on this island. Too bad that you no food for them.

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