Azilal: single mother newborn baby burned arrested

When you're wondering whether or not it even stranger and sadder can, it happened yet in the centrally located town of Azilal in Morocco.

The inhabitants of Azilal were recently rocked by a crime which is almost not to describe in words. The Moroccan medium Al Massae reported about this crime. The local authorities of the city would a young mother and her mother (grandmother of the baby victim) have brought, the two it got over the heart to the newborn baby to burn. For the incineration would dry grass and clothing are used.

It is reportedly to be a pretty young mother, 29 years, that heavily pregnant came to visit at her 18 years older mother. During the first interrogation denied the young mother the newborn child to have burned and claimed that the event occurred before the fetus was fully formed. From medical reports, however, this turned out to be wrong, after which the young mother recognized her act and said she was afraid of a scandal.

It is also known that the birth mother in question also had still another child, a 7-year-old son. If he was present at the event and where he currently resides is still left open.

This type of crime in recent years, unfortunately, find place in Morocco, mostly a result of wanting concealing illicit extramarital relationships. The two suspects will soon subject to judgment of Beni Mellal.

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