Rabat: 3 world religions are quiet when sacrifices King Mohammed V Morocco for tolerance and peace

Already 56 years ago on the occasion of the death of the monarch at the base of this, King Mohammed V.

From initiative of the Forum for tolerance and peace came recently representatives of 3 world religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) met to what King Mohammed V had laid the basis for, honor. This meeting took place last Thursday, the day the monarch in question exactly 56 years ago came to death. It was the sacrifices that King Mohammed V was brought to Morocco to get rid of colonization and occupation of, respectively, the Spanish and the French authorities. Also, the various successful attempts that he did to religious minorities protection commemorated.

After the meeting, the group visiting the grave of the King, it was a special plaque signed by the representatives of the 3 religions. This plaque will soon be handed over to the Ambassador of Egypt in Morocco, to support testimony in response to the recent attack on Coptic Christians in the country.

Several attendees reported opposite the Moroccan news agency MAP that it was a special evening where tolerance and brotherhood dominant. The whole meeting was concluded with a joint Iftar.