Macron brings visit to Morocco

For some time there were rumors that Macron on visit would come in Morocco, yesterday evening, this is then finally officially confirmed by the French authorities.

The press service of the Elysée yesterday evening the agenda published by the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, for the next week. It also includes a trip to Morocco that on 14 June in the afternoon begins and ends the next day in the afternoon.

This visit is the first by president Macron outside the European Union after his election. President Macron visited Germany the day after his election and then Brussels for the NATO Summit.

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian begins today on a two-day working visit to Algeria to the first member of the new French Government to Algiers to visit, said a statement from the Algerian Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The choice of president Macron to first to visit Morocco is quite remarkable, as French statesmen normally visit Algeria as first of the Maghreb countries. So traveled first to Algiers Sarkozy and Hollande.

The exact agenda of Macron is not made known, however, King Mohammed VI received him personally. King Mohammed VI sent his congratulations soon after Macron's election in which he expressed pleased with his election.