King Mohammed VI prepared to mediation to Golf-crisis

The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation reported yesterday that King Mohammed VI is willing to offer his mediation to the Gulf crisis.

In the middle of the unprecedented crisis around Qatar and neighboring Golf countries Morocco has broken his silence, saying that King Mohammed VI held extensive talks with different parties since the deterioration of their diplomatic ties , reports Moroccoworldnews.

The Ministry reported: "because of the strong personal ties of true brotherhood between King Mohammed VI and the Kings and Emirs of the Gulf countries, the Kingdom of Morocco has been careful in public and hasty statements that only disagreement strengthen and deepen differences. The King has therefore requested all parties to act to reduce tensions, point, to overcome this crisis and the causes that have led to this crisis to fix ".

The Ministry also said that Morocco is strongly associated with the Gulf States in all areas, despite the geographical distance, and has serious concerns about this crisis, despite the fact that Morocco is not directly involved. The Kingdom is preferred for a constructive neutrality, but is not limited to passive observation of an escalation between fraternal countries.

Finally, the Ministry added that Morocco "is ready to offer mediation in order to ensure a fair and comprehensive dialogue on the basis of no interference in the internal affairs and the fight against religious extremism".

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