Column: ' the lion v/d Atlas and the eternally disappointed Moroccan supporter '

Where the Moroccan supporter thought against the technical ingenuity of Morocco Orange to see come up, they came of a rude awakening.

Two games got the Moroccan supporter the past period for his choosing, that one that jump in terms of poster degenerated into a true fighting game with little entertainment content. Against Orange, a contest that has already a loaded character, thought everyone including I finally see what technical feats on the field. Things that make us always by physical African opponents so hard, honest, that is the argument which often holds true if countries such as Morocco, DR Congo or Central Africa Tanzania loses. What we saw was almost 2 weeks ago against Orange, about the whole match views then, totally not what you hoped as football fan.

The battered Orange what for this contest crucial points left behind in the World Cup Qualification against Russia (ed. 2-0 loss), making the situation for coach Danny Blind was untenable and he thereby had to move around a little, lived right on Grand Stade d'agadir v Atlas Lions against the fasting. Some times during a friendly match one could discern even the team of national coach Dick Advocaat on technical force majeure in the combinations and the attack set up. A match that ended in an anticlimax, I myself have seen almost all games of the Moroccan national football team but such a poster has got to be something special. There is rivalry, we are almost all born and raised in the Netherlands and also carry this country in our hearts but when you on these moments facing each other WINS state that Moroccan pride it always.

The one Dutch television commentators and football websites remained was the most when our technician Younès Belhanda, the player who during this contest no shadow was the Pro who normally radiated at OGC Nice this season and for this Schalke 04 and Montpellier HSC. For still unknown reason played the 36 x international with the knife between the teeth: incomprehensible violations on, among other things, Wesley Hall and Matthijs the Is normally with a bang red card should be punished. The game that fateful Wednesday night what he played was surprisingly not reflected Saturday against the physical reigning African champion Cameroon's veterans. Morocco went, by still other disappointing players, with 1-0 at the bottom of Yaoundé. Some players chose the opinion of the medical staff and the national coach to follow not to fasting, had little effect. Successful combination game was hardly there, building fell as a result, against which the supply from the flanks and midfield insufficient turned out to be a rush hour often in scoring position.

However, to come back here on the friendly against Orange, struck me and many others a very worrying incident on. The images were all for the final whistle massively shared on social media: the Ziyech-scanderende supporters and the verbal violence both Nabil Dirar as Younès Belhanda out. That Ha can be Ziyech an important player for the national team is beyond question. However I start the last period to me more and more annoyed with the ' Lionel Messi roll ' what many supporters attribute him. It is pure dis-respect to you as a supporter to confront team, players who choose to be present. To our surprise we were all witness to the fact that the national coach him every time ignored, with the African Cup as absolute highlight. However, he was against Orange and Cameroon have the opportunity to show and to prove the contrary, something he consciously ignored completely.

Foot balls do you do for your country and not for a coach, it's the icing on the cake of your professional career. Money and/or personal issues should play no role, therefore I approve the choice of Ziyech to keep completely aloof. One day it will be fine, or well under Ra or another coach at that time, the only real injured party now the Moroccan supporter. Because with a player like Ziyech bring your creativity and game insight in your team. It is of course not the case that he can carry the whole team goes and by definition, but he sure does make a difference. Therefore, a shame for Morocco as a football country and last-but-not-least also for him of course. Case is now that this feud is done talking as soon as possible, as 2 real men could bridge differences in concept.

I hooked up there above mentioned earlier on, the supporter. Where it is all about at a national team, which is in Morocco in recent years do very much spoiled. We wait with its all still on a breakthrough, that breakthrough we have surrendered to an Africa specialist. However it seems, so far, not quite on that he fully to go. The rumbles on all sides in the League and at Ra itself, different kinds of stories and theories determine the Moroccan public opinion. The big question now is whether he will want to Morocco to the next level, Renard, completing his contract? We experienced a revival during the African Cup, after the international matches were also of reasonable level. But with 2 of such matches behind the back drops the courage you soon again in the shoes. I very much hope that stability is now a household name remains with the Moroccan team because on a dismissal and appointment of a new coach no one. It is too often happened that a newcomer, which also turned out to be not successful afterwards, again from the start to begin.

Where all the arrows should be focused on is now successfully come out of the World Cup qualifying. Late August and early september wait a diptych against Mali, with the current state in the group is qualifying for the World Cup in Russia yet within easy range. Underprivileged as during the previous qualifying campaigns we are now very definitely not. To my conclusion I ask anyone still that little bit of hope and courage to glean and unconditionally behind this team. The 12th man remains an important factor, even in today's modern football!