Moroccan civil servant caught in bribery money in recruiting

The National Research Department of the Royal Gendarmerie in Rabat has a Basha (representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) arrested for accepting bribery money.

He was involved in a bribery case involving he had 5000 dirham adopted in the district in the province of Khemisset-Rommani.

The arrest, which by the gendarmerie under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General of the King in Rabat was carried out, was conducted after she had received a phone call of a young unemployed man who told that he by the Basha was extorted.

The news medium Assabah added that the researchers with the young man have teamed up to to arrest the Basha. The researchers gave the man 5000 dirham in branded banknotes, which the young man to the Office of the Basha went to the envelope with money.

Five minutes after handing over the money, the members of the national judicial examination Department the Office invaded and so have the extortionist to catch with the branded money and know he is arrested on the spot.

The man has been transferred to the Head Office of the Royal Gendarmerie in Rabat that have taken him in custody during the investigation.