Lekjaa: ' Hope Easton for duels August to pitch to have ' (video)

The Moroccan Football Federation FRMF has everything initiated by Munir El H a Moroccan-international.

Opposite the Moroccan medium Radio Plus gave Federal President Faouzi Lekjaa that one is busy to Munir El H a Moroccan-international. The story is already known, the then invader at FC Barcelona went in to the call of the national coach of Spain at the cost went to the possibility to defend the colors of Morocco. In a 2016 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS qualifier Vicente Del Bosque left the then 19-year-old attacker minutes raids against Macedonia, since then, Easton total from the picture at the Spanish national football team.

After the previously-initiated geruchtencarroussel, all just before the African Cup by 2017, confirms the President of the Moroccan Football Federation the posts around the person Easton. Lekjaa indicates that there has been a meeting with the player and his family during the friendly against orange. The file with all the necessary legal documents is currently deposited with FIFA.

Lekjaa will soon be to sit down with the President of the International Football Association, Gianni Infantino. During this call, will that file to the switch from Spain to Morocco to realize get top priority, thus Lekjaa. The intention is to have the player returned from Valencia CF for the World Cup qualifiers in August to pitch.

[video = youtube; l6cH9fQ-U7c] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = l6cH9fQ-U7c [/video]


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