Oujda: criminal gang arrested for robbery under threat of knives

The police of Oujda is there Friday night managed to dismantle a criminal gang that in robbery was specialized.

The gang insisted vehicles in by the drivers threaten to stab them with knives, that way they could steal personal property out of the vehicles.

The criminal gang consists of three people, two of them in their twenties and one minor. The minor has already had a criminal record for theft related issues, reported a statement from the headquarters of the police in Oujda.

The defendants were arrested after thorough research, where four victims of the theft were, so that the three members of the criminal gang could be identified. The same source adds that a fourth person was arrested for his alleged involvement in the purchase of stolen goods.

The adult suspects are taken into custody, while the minor under the supervision of a certified youth institution that is under the supervision of the competent State Prosecutor.