Two new hotels and a water park in Saïdia this summer

The CDG group has the opening of two new hotels and a water park in Saïdia for summer announced.

This will in part address the main criticisms that are directed to the group, this would be no recreational opportunities and the capacity of beds would be limited.

The ' Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) Group continues its efforts to revive again the seaside resort of saidia. As part of the development plan has CDG the opening of two new hotel units announced as well as a water park. An infrastructure that will contribute to strengthening the tourism throughout the region.

The size of the current facilities of the group, the limited bed capacity and the lack of recreational opportunities were often as reason indicated as the main factors that held back the expansion of Saïdia, gives Le360.

This is the reason that the recovery plan around this region is structured around these points. On 1 June the Melia group DCDG-Garden & Golf Resort opened, a 5-star hotel that mimics the picturesque architecture of a Mediterranean village with personal service. The hotel is built on an area of almost 14,000 m² and features 150 rooms and suites.

The second hotel unit is Melia Beach, an all-inclusive 5-star hotel that is located both on the coast and off the golf course. This hotel will open its doors in July 2017, it covers an area of 33,000 m² and a capacity of 397 rooms and suites.

Finally, the Alpamare Saïdia Aquaparc, the most important leisure and recreational area, be opened. Built on a plot of 7 hectares, will this water park more than a dozen of attractions. It features a 1200 m² wave pool, the classic long slow River of 375 metres, children's pools and water slides.

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