' Ransom Heineken in gambling halls and brothels '

About 8 million guilders of the ransom that has been paid after the kidnapping of Freddy Heineken in 1983, is in casinos and brothels in Alkmaar and Amsterdam.

The Sisters of Willem Holleeder, one of the kidnappers, have recently declared that opposite Heineken-justice. This reports the tv program EenVandaag Wednesday on the basis of statements they have recognised.

Holleeder and his minions have always said that the missing 8 million guldens (converted 3.6 million) are burned. The remaining 27 million guilders that were paid to the beer magnate to buy, were already free. Justice for years trying to figure out what exactly happened with the missing millions.

According to sister Sonja is the ransom was then hidden in a forest near Paris. The-later murdered-henchman Thomas van der Bijl, the excavated and a childhood friend of Hamdan, Robbie Gana, that money invested in brothels and gambling halls so that it was ' laundered '.

Years later, Hamdan and his brother-in-law and fellow kidnapper Cor van Hout quarrel, after which they divided the property. Of wood is murdered in 2003 and his widow Sonja Hamdan soon thinks that her brother behind the murder. Hamdan claims the millions of his deceased brother-in-law on and put his sister Sonja under pressure, but who refuses.

Sonja turns out all this time to be aware of the criminal money and benefits itself also of the criminal legacy. She has always kept quiet about this, both to her brother and to justice.

According to EenVandaag is Sonja apparently freer now to explain, because they hit a settlement with justice.

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