Tourism sector Mèknes gets financial injection of 750 million dirham

For more than 750 million dirham, there are 18 new hotel projects in the tourist town, with more than 500 new jobs!

The funds have recently pledged by the regional umbrella Tourism Office, more than 750 million dirham is committed to pumping in the tourism sector of Mèknes. There would reportedly some 500 sustainable jobs. This is the number of what in the end is preserved within the sector itself, employment for the construction and contractors sector is not included.

According to the tourism office which works closely with the local authorities of the centrally located city in Morocco, that 750 million dirham mainly benefit the realization of new hotels. This would increase the bed capacity with 1804 beds what based on the current demand is a welcome addition. Last calendar year, no less than 198,873 times staying in Mèknes, a decrease of 5% compared to the previous year. The number of guests in the same period, a decrease of 6% with 128,838 was 2015.

Nevertheless, such high growth potential that such investment is worth it. The city is especially popular with Germans, Frenchmen, Spaniards and, to a lesser extent, American tourists.