Residents to apartment block London: ' Thank you ' after Ramadan Muslims alarm after fire (video)

The death toll from the great fire in an apartment building in London is increased to twelve, but this number according to the local residents had a lot higher if Muslims who were still late for suhoor no alarm had struck.

Local residents told HuffPost UK that Muslims "lives saved". A local woman reported: "Muslim guys have saved the lives of people. They ran around to banging on doors. Thank goodness for Ramadan ".

Khalid Suleman Ahmed, 20 years, is recently with his aunt moved to the Tower ' Grenfell Tower ' and lives on the eighth floor.

He said he normally not in the middle of the night would have been, but during Ramadan for suhoor (the meal before sunrise) on left off.

When he realized that there was fire, he immediately went to the neighbours knocking on doors to wake them up.

He told HuffPost UK: "there are no fire alarms gone off. I played on my PlayStation and waited for suhoor and non-fire. I got up and looked out my window and saw smoke from the seventh floor. "

"I made my aunt woke up, did clothing and began to knock on the doors of neighbors to wake them up".

He added: "I would be possible on a Friday night might have stayed up so late, but never on a random weekday night, unless the Ramadan is. There many Muslims live here and many people choose to stay on, so it was definitely a factor for me and others. It probably saved lives ".

A number of Islamic cultural centers and mosques had, as local churches and a Sikh Temple, also opened their doors to those concerned, to help.

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