Al Hoceima: 32 demonstrators today in court

Of the 32 people who were brought before the Court in Al Hoceima, 25 of them were sentenced to 18 months in prison.

The process led to the following convictions:

-25 persons were sentenced to 18 months in prison

-3 persons were sentenced to 6 months probation

-4 persons were sentenced to two months suspended prison sentence

These persons were sentenced by the Court for violence against authorities, destruction of public property and collect without prior authorization.

The process lasted the whole day and the final judgement was to 16:00 hours.

During the day the defense lawyer Mohamed Zaher told AFP: "these young people are accused of disturbing the public order, rebellion and participation in unarmed and armed gang. Among them is also the cousin of Nasser Zabihi ".

Since May 26, are more than 100 people were arrested, of which 86 are brought before the Court.

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