More than 80,000 children are exploited in Morocco

More than 80,000 children are still treated as slaves in Moroccan households.

This staggering figure was unveiled by the Association Generator at a press conference yesterday in Casablanca, reported the newspaper Al Massae.

The Association Insaf confirms that the number of working children in Moroccan households is higher than 80,000, these children are usually younger than 15 years. Given the high figure this is a disturbing case.

The children, who come from very poor and illiterate families, be reduced to slaves and make them great suffering by the exploitation, emphasizes the Association.

, Which indicates that these children at school told to sit, called on all officials and interveners (persons who intervene) on the law No 19-12, that domestic work by girls as young as 15 years.

At a press conference in Casablanca, the President of the Association, on the occasion of the World Day against child labour, said that "the situation is much wants to stop the exploitation of children. It deprives them the possibility to take advantage of the school system, in their need to play and to create friendships ".