Moroccan Ministry of education short summer vacation 2017 with 5 days in

The Minister of education, Mohammad Hassad will shorten the duration of the summer holidays because of concerns that the length of the summer holidays leads to poor education.

This summer will be the holiday but 42 days instead of the normal 47 days. According to a press release from the Ministry on 7 september, the students will have to go back to school. Students in all regions of Morocco will start at the same time as the holiday, added the Ministry.

The Ministry will reduce the summer vacation by five days in an attempt to improve the education by the end of the school year 2017-2018. The Ministry also aims to that students all lessons that are scheduled for the coming academic year.

The new date of the new school year is applicable to all three levels of education, as well as for students of the higher technical education.

"The Ministry has ensured a balanced distribution of periods of study and preparations for exams and the school holidays. It has every seven weeks after a school holiday programmed, with the same data in both schools and universities ", said the Ministry.

The Ministry also noted that it is the acceleration of the construction of boarding schools and educational buildings will insure, and adds that these changes both the new pupils as the Moroccan school system.

Finally, the Ministry is also planning to attract the necessary number of teachers to reduce the shortage of teachers in Moroccan schools.

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