Essaouira: projects leading to health care and to develop tourism sector

Allround projects to infrastructure and, ultimately, different sectors in the city to help in the saddle.

Just as the tourism sector of Mèknes got a financial injection, will that also on a larger scale in the southern coastal town of Essaouira are going to happen. In the field of health care, tourism and the overall improvement of the infrastructure and stood there waiting for an ambitious programme. Where the first work started as early as 2015, one is now come to the second stage which will hopefully completed in 2018.

The Ministry of Health has reportedly spent about 111 million dirham to benefit local care settings there. Of this amount is also a significant part of the European investment bank, a party where different departments of work with the Moroccan Government for a long time. So will include the provincial Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah hospital get a facelift and expansion.

Another important target is the facelift of the port city's various attractions. So will the Mohammed V boulevard his reworked just as different squares and the Medina and Mellah districts.

For the port itself is the significant amount of 127.5 million dirham. The plan is to during the 24 months long project different adjustments and improvements that ultimately benefit the fisheries sector.

Finally, also the football stadium and the cultural aspects of Essaouira a qualitative boost gain. At the last point, this is done by creating a theater with as many as 3,000 seats.

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