King Mohammed VI says all possible assistance to Moroccan victims Grenfell Tower London

King Mohammed VI would immediately have given the explicit command to the Moroccan Embassy and Consulate in London.

The drama which developed the night of Tuesday took place on Wednesday in the British capital has not suffered also for Moroccan. The close wound, where the total death toll already has risen to 17. How many injured and/or homeless Moroccan citizens of the world it is not yet known.

What is clear is that King Mohammed VI will do everything to help this Moroccan residents, as can be read in a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the statement of the Ministry for the time being even though stressed that there is no evidence that Moroccan victims die.

For any help from the Embassy and the Consulate in London it goes exactly in the Middle, it is clear that all available assistance and support will be provided.

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