Moroccan Minister of Justice: some 3,000 cases of corruption ' In 2016 known and prosecuted '

It remains an uphill struggle, the fight against corruption. But for the Moroccan Government is to outlaw it as much as possible.

In the framework of the national fight against corruption revealed Justice Minister, Mohammed Aujar, recently some facts on this social problem. According to the Minister would be the last calendar year alone, as many as have occurred in court business 2,992. Of these 59 there had to first by the Court of Auditors before the case could be studied by the Court.

The Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia know following this report given that there are currently several new measures in force to the ferocity of the fight against this destructive phenomenon. The Government 61 measures and projects in hand would have taken to outlaw corruption, these include various plans if the revised criminal law and expanding powers of the authorities concerned.

Ahdath Al Maghribia confirms, however, that on the basis of these new measures more grip on the case appears to have come.

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