Moroccan and Dutch suspects at rolling up international drug network by Civil Guard

In different Spanish cities the authorities did raids, resulting in the arrest of 26 suspects.

In a press release by the Spanish Civil Guard is to read that there was recently a major action on. In addition to the 4.3 tons of Moroccan hashish quantity recovered as much as the authorities also carried out 26 arrests. It would reportedly going to an international drugs network which already having a major impact in different Spanish cities. Among those arrested were suspects with, respectively, the Spanish, Moroccan and Dutch nationality. How the composition of the defendants was exactly in terms of nationality, is not yet published.

In addition to the greater amount of hashish also are also smaller amounts of cocaine, marijuana and ketamine seized. In addition came the seizure on 17 vehicles and 71 cell phones and last but not least also a cash amount of 850,000 was found in the places of those arrested. To the network even more can dress are also 8 funds in bank accounts frozen, how much money it was was not disclosed.

The presumption now is that the drug transports not only to Spain limited, there is strongly take into account spreading to nearby countries such as Belgium, France and Netherlands.

guardia civil