Death toll fire London to thirty, still 65 people missing

The number of people killed in the fire Wednesday in an apartment building in London's Friday increased to 30. The police of the British capital made this known.

The death toll previously stood at 5 pm. It is feared that the number of deaths still further to above should be adjusted. Police Chief Stuart Cundy said earlier to hope that no more than a hundred people burned. He fears that some victims never to identify.

The British newspaper The Sun has published Friday a list of names and photos of all missing persons of the flat fire in London. According to the newspaper there are still 65 people missing, many of them children.

All residents of the disaster still get flat in London for the weekend another property assigned. That, the authorities announced Friday. The past few days have been the victims collected in sports halls and hotels. In the flat with 24 floors were 120 apartments. It is still unclear exactly how many people lived in the apartment

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