Moroccan documentary ' Behind Closed Doors ' selected for South African Film festival

The 8th annual ' Durban FilmMart ' will take place from 14 to 17 July in Durban, South Africa, and will show movies from all over Africa.

This year will be the Moroccan documentary (behind closed doors) one of the films that will be shown at the festival are.

' Behing Closed Doors ' brings the story in pictures of a peasant family in northern Morocco where the only thing that grows kif.

The film tells the story of the family through the eyes of the children, who in the course of their young lives to know the routine of growing the illegal plant and how they respect their parents struggling to fulfill their role model as a parent.

The documentary, directed by Eayrs Yakhout and produced by Cyriac Auriol Sait, Hind and Karoline Henkel, focuses on the family dynamics and the daily struggle of the poor Northern region of Morocco.

Other countries with movies represented in Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, FilmMart are Benin, Namibia, Somalia, Mozambique and South Africa, gives Moroccoworldnews.

The producers of the selected films will also have the opportunities to further develop their work. During the four-day festival they will have the opportunity to encounters with possible co-producers and financiers.

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