Bouchra Baibanou, "I was not afraid or stressed during my climb of Everest ' (video)

She had set itself the goal to reach the top of the world and they succeeded in there!

On 21 may at 9:00 hours after a stormy night swung the female Mountaineer Bouchra Baibanou with the Moroccan flag on the peak of the Everest, to the first Moroccan woman to the 8848-meter-high mountain has climbed.

"I was not worried or stressed during this experience," said the female mountaineer who was recently at a press conference organized at the club of the Ministry of transport. "Every night I tried to visualize myself on top and I thought my fate will run as God wants".

Bourchra Baibanou also told that the encouragements and supplications that on her Facebook page by its 36,000 fans are written have helped her to not give up. At every milestone on the way to the top of Everest forgot Balkan Baibanou not to photos and videos of the breathtaking landscapes to share with her Facebook followers and her loved ones.

The trip took almost two months, but she was not alone, nine other adventurers of various nationalities also participated in the challenge, sign HuffPost Morocco.

"In my group there were a Norwegian, a Bulgarian, a Romanian, a Russian and an American, they are my new family become during these two months and we tried to motivate each other".

Her trip on Everest is part of her seven summits project that started in 2011. It includes climbing the seven summits of the highest mountains in every continent. Bouchra Baibanou already has the top of Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Denali and many others achieved, but does not allow to rest, since there is still a top is to climb. To this the bergbeklimsters life project to shut down its plan to by the end of 2017 Mount Vinson, the highest point of Antarctica, to climb.

The video is French-speaking, but if you do not understand it is beautiful to view the images, what a power woman!:

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