Vehicle with 9 illegal immigrants storming Gates Mellila in (video)

Two agents would have been injured in the incident, the driver of the vehicle is still not found.

A noteworthy occurrence recently in the enclave of Mellila. While security officials trying to keep closed the gates of the port came with raging speed a vehicle entering the grounds. At the time of entering two agents tried to keep the gates closed narrowly, however they were not able to cope with the speed and force with which the Mercedes came in. According to the Spanish Minister of the Interior at the time what goes better with the pair, they would only light injuries to result.

The authorities there could soon find out the vehicle, when researching stumbled across one at a whopping 9 illegal immigrants. According to AFP news agency from the Sub-Saharan region. The ninth occupant of the vehicle, the driver, is still not found. He would after the smuggling attempt right away on the flight are beaten, for the time being, any trace of him is missing. It is not the first time that the European soils via enclaves are trying to achieve, data over the past 4 months of this calendar year show that but it is up to 3,314 migrants managed to set foot in such a way to get on the continent.

[video = youtube; 2nd5IfUb2HA] v = 2nd5IfUb2HA [/video]

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