Moroccan Ministry of transport want to modern speed camera bet

The Moroccan Minister of traffic and transport wants to bet on a better recording of traffic violations.

Speed camera out there in the noting part of Morocco now meet according to the Moroccan Minister of traffic and transport, Najib Boulif, not the desire to be a better recording of traffic violations to handle. Boulif believes in a brief conversation with the Moroccan medium Al Massae that one more can do to the Moroccan road user to keep the law. He wants to ensure that one can lose by getting faster the driving licence points at certain traffic violations. This includes mainly the speeding, with newer and more modern speed camera would have to be possible to this registration easier.

Where there are also a lot of profit in is to be gained is the spread of these speed cameras. It happens too often that motorists currently Boulif temporarily adjust their behaviour to a speed camera in the neighborhood, then one would logically rather a speed violation committed. About the how and when about this intention by the Minister still no concrete commitments.

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