Kremlin: Daesh-leader al-Baghdadi possible killed

Russia says it Daesh-leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria may have killed.

The Russian Defence Minister Sergei Sjoigoe, the National Security Council, chaired by president Vladimir Putin. That has the Kremlin Friday announced on tv. The US Department of Defense could not confirm his death. Also other Western and Iraqi Government representatives responded reluctant.

"The Minister has told the meeting that by a Russian air raid near Raqqa over one hundred terrorists have been eliminated. Among them leaders of Daesh and possibly al-Baghdadi ", quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov Rossiya-24.

The mysterious al-Baghdadi has been declared dead more often since he in 2014 in a mosque in Mosul the Caliphate cried out that about all Muslims had to go. This he did after a successful advance with his fighters in northern Iraq. If indeed he is killed, then that is a huge blow to Daesh. The terrorist organisation rapidly loses ground and seems especially dangerous by attacks.

"His death has been reported so many times to be careful until Daesh itself with a statement comes," said a European security official. Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis dropped into comparable sentence from. "We have no information that supports that message."

Sjoigoe left through Facebook know that the Russians are currently investigating whether al-Baghdadi indeed died. The attack on the target at the end of may in Syria is run after the Russian intelligence services had been informed that there were Daesh-leaders gather.

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