Almost 100 Moroccans who wanted to perform the Umrah victim of scams

Almost 100 Moroccans who had the desire to perform the Umrah are victims of scams.

The Royal Prosecutor of the Court in Ain Sebaa ordered the transfer of the suspect to the prison, reports the news source Al Massae Manikandan. The source further indicated that this man is suspected of defrauding nearly one hundred people in Casablanca. The scammer promised people who wanted to do the Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan the granting of visa procedures to facilitate for Saudi Arabia in Exchange for amounts that vary between 20,000 and 25,000 dirham.

The con artist was arrested after dozens of complaints from victims, he was introduced to the public prosecutor in anticipation of the beginning of his interrogation by the investigating judge.

The newspaper reported that the inspectors had discovered that the suspect already earlier was involved in a scam in which 200 victims were scammed in Casablanca.

The visit to the Holy places has always attracted con men. In september 2016 has the media about a similar thing message, the man claimed to have good relations with a Saudi Prince. The man had ripped off more than 90 people who wanted to make use of a visa to travel to Mecca. They paid the con artist amounts to 30,000 dirham.

Also in Rabat pilgrims were ripped off.