Six Moroccans identified under fatalities at fire in London

The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported already yesterday evening in a statement that there are 7 Moroccan victims are regrettable after the fire in the Grenfell-residential tower in London. Today six of these victims officially identified.

Among those 7 victims is 1 very family of five people. The family El Wahaby would not have come alive from the fire. The family consists of Abdelaziz El Wahabi (52 years), his wife and their three children, Timothy Y (21 years), Nur Huda (15 years) and Mehdi (8 years).

The London Evening Standard quoted a cousin of the family, Othman Boujettif: "a whole family has been wiped out". He would to 1:30 hours that night still with them over the phone.

"The firefighters said that they in their apartment (on the 21st floor) had to remain, the floor had to wet and wet towels at the bottom of the doors had to. They have followed the wrong advice and now they are no longer there, "he said.

Hanane El Wahaby, the sister of Abdelaziz, said: "' I spoke to him on the phone. The fire had not yet reached their floor. He told me he had instructions that the family had to remain inside, in one room and the smoke had to block through the bottom of the door with the towels. I told him that he had to go away. He told me that he would go. He told me later that there is too much smoke was. The last time I saw him, was when the whole family waved at us through the window. "

"If they had listened and not to the firefighters had come out at the right time, they would have lived yet," said neighbor Amina Ahmed. "My heart is broken, I have heard their cry for help.  I felt so helpless, "she added.