IKHAE strengthened association women in Morocco

Mina Rouatab, President of the Association IKHAE, founded the Organization after they saw the need for the call for women who were victims of domestic violence in Rabat.

Since then, the non-profit organization with the help of volunteers, has grown to more than 150 women and has created new opportunities for the women concerned, reports Moroccoworldnews.

Today, the non-profit organization, which is led by women for women, a number of projects ranging from literacy workshops to English lessons and the formation of cooperatives to help the women to financial to get independence.

Through a partnership with the Ministry of education the Association can use classrooms of local schools for their training programs. The women have learned how to use their legal rights to defend themselves, have improved their English-language skills and had the opportunity to share their craft skills. During these sessions, the Association also offers preschool programs for the children of the women. In order to allow for the women to be present and to enrich the education of the children. Each of these opportunities makes it possible for women to better advocate for themselves and their families.

Recently, the women of IKHAE also launched to explain their work and to better coordinate possibilities for those who are interested in their mission. In the "How to help" are those who are interested in supporting the work of the Association invited to be involved through volunteer work or make a donation. There are also sections in which the history of the Organization and their initiatives are described.

It is important that the website also offers for the women of the Association to present and sell their crafts. According to Maiken Austin, a volunteer who is praised by members of the Association for giving a new direction to the group, women have in the past been struggling with the selling of their products and often abuse them created by local traders. With their own website, however, women are responsible for their own products and the one who are interested to buy something which by the women is created, this directly at the women themselves do.

The non-profit organization is also involved in the initiative of UN Women "Safe Cities", which seeks the public areas safe for women and girls. Sexual harassment in Morocco is a common thing. According to the UN reports more than 90% of the women that they have been victims of sexual harassment in public areas, making it "Safe Cities" initiative is an important element to achieve gender equality. Partly because of the organizational work of Rabat in March 2015 was the twentieth Rouatab city to the project took part.

This series of initiatives of IKHAE represents the success that can be achieved if women stand up for themselves and each other. The Association has already helped women to gain control over their lives and opportunities outside the home. Despite that the Association is still small women are dedicated and they always search for new ways to strengthen each other.