Arrests after ban on demonstrations in Enschede

Police have detained 11 people Sunday in Enschede and around 80 people from the Center sent away because of the demonstration ban.

Deputy Mayor, Eelco Eagle made Thursday that there not be demonstrated, but there were still several people, among other things, the anti-Islamic organization Pegida to the city.

Simon W by Pegida foreman was immediately arrested. The other detainees were detained for various offences, including gun control and insult. According to the police there are both people with extreme-left and far-right sympathies.

Some fifteen supporters of Pegida left in the course of the afternoon to Hengelo to demonstrate because there no ban gold. But according to the police, they have not for problems taken care of and were after some time left. A group of supporters gathered Sunday afternoon also at the complex cells in Borne, where they demanded the release of W.

The police was with many people on the leg in Enschede because, among other things, through social media calls were done in order to come to the city. The city was designated as the so-called security risk area so that the police had additional powers.

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