Khan: apartment fire because of neglect

The deadly Tower fire in London had according to the Mayor of the British capital can be prevented.

Sadiq Khan said Sunday according to the BBC that the tragedy in fact caused by the local government and successive Governments, which would have made to "years of neglect".

Khan did that statement after a church service in which the victims were commemorated. He showed this understanding for citizens who are angry at the authorities. "People feel that the Council and the Government do not understand their concerns and also not interested", concluded the Mayor. He called the inferno a result of "the errors and neglect by the politicians".

Shortly after the disaster showed that there were conflicts for years about the devastated by fire Grenfell Tower. Among other things, residents had complained about the lack of fire safety, but with that criticism would be nothing done. The emotions run thereby high on dozens of furious protesters stormed Friday. the Office of the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The Mayor wrote in an opinion piece published Sunday in the Observer that the deadly fire also has consequences for tens of thousands of residents of comparable flats. They wonder if they still are safe there. Khan ditch not matter that such outdated buildings from the 1960s and 1970s in the aftermath of the fire against the surface.

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