Minister of education Morocco promises classes of up to 40 students

Classes with 70 pupils were and are no exception in the Moroccan education, the Ministry promises more rapid improvement.

The Moroccan Ministry of education, through Minister Mohamed Hassad itself, recognises the distressing problem of too large classes in Moroccan primary schools. According to this phenomenon is undesirable for both the Hassad teacher if the pupil itself and does it at the bottom of the huge level of education in the country. At the same time the Minister set out an ambitious intention, according to the Moroccan medium Al Massae.

The newspaper reports that as of next school year the maximum number of pupils per class wants back to 40. Previously, classes with up to 70 pupils no exception, therefore the Minister promises speedy improvement. For the lower classes the maximum number of pupils just 30.

In order to achieve this objective is the realization of new school institutions of great importance. That number is estimated at 55 all over the country, equivalent to 1948 new classes. In order to come to a suitable number of teachers also there are collaborations with various training institutions started 24,000 for the recruitment of new teachers.

According to the Moroccan medium Assabah would this plan by the end of this month should have taken concrete forms. It is expected that the responsible Department will enter into force formally to the outside.

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