Moroccan diplomats take care meeting with survivors ' Grenfell Tower fire London

Commissioned by King Mohammed VI met the Moroccan Ambassador and consul yesterday the Moroccan relatives of the victims at the Grenfell Tower fire in London.

At the fire that had the whole world in its grip, were unfortunately also 6 deadly Moroccan victims involved. This number is still subject to change, one Moroccan resident is still identified as missing. Recently, 6 out of 7 Moroccan victims identified. To the support and sympathy of the Moroccan Government to shape ordered King Mohammed VI immediately after it became known that there also Moroccans at this terrible drama, to all possible consular assistance to the next of kin. In addition, the King all repatriation and funeral costs.

The first step that was taken was an organized meeting of the Moroccan Embassy and Consulate in London where all the relatives of the six victims were present. The consul and the Ambassador used this occasion to convey their condolences to them and to make clear that the Moroccan Government will run everything to the usual formalities as soon as possible and without too much trouble.

Also during this meeting was as usual a number of verses from the Holy Quran. On the tragedy what happened said Ambassador Abdesselam Aboudrar the following: '' the entire Moroccan community here in London is in mourning for what happened and even more because there are also compatriots. ''

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