Mohammed VI Foundation for sports champions honors 18 Moroccan Olympic athletes

During the annual meeting of members were given 18 important names in the Moroccan Olympic sports a tribute.

Naturally a champion to be honored on a proper way, it so happened that during the medals but also recently at the annual members meeting of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Moroccan sports champions. Up to 18 Olympic athletes were once again in the limelight for their exceptional past performance. Among them were Joseph Ebai Fatima El Malika Hadki who in 1972 had the scoop by being the first Moroccan female Games expect to take part in the Olympic Games.

The Assembly of members knew the further presence of the Minister of youth and sports, Rachid T Aaa, and a number of Presidents of the various national sports associations. The kick-off was marked by the achievements since the calendar year 2011, this one did by an extensive presentation.

The whole thing took place in Rabat was chaired by the head of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Moroccan champions, Moncef Belkhayat.

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