Martina Fair case: trade unions announce new strike to in the ports of Al Hoceima

Trade unions that the fisheries sector, have called for a new strike in the ports on Wednesday 21 June, the day on which a hearing is held at the Court of appeal in Al Hoceima.

Different vakbondvertegenwoordigers in the fisheries sector, in particular members of the UMT, CDT, UGTM and the UNTM, are planning to organize a strike on the day on which the Court of appeal in Al Hoceima goes with the case Poep Fikri. Some city officials in april in connection with the case were condemned, Elgen Fikri appear again in court for their appeal.

As a reminder, the Court in Al Hoceïma convicted in april of this year seven people involved in the case Poep Faid to jail sentences between 3 and 8 months, reports Lefr360

According to the protesting unions have the three port officials with whom they show solidarity, namely the vet, a fishing Deputy and the head of the Department of fisheries in the city, their work done. The trade unions are also of the opinion that the destruction of the seized fish in Martina Fikri's thing happened according to the rules and that is why they say the Court ruling "reject".

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