Call the Council of Moroccan Mosques Netherlands: keep a cool head

The Council of Moroccan Mosques Netherlands (RMMN) calls on Muslims to remain calm after the attack with a van at a mosque in London.

"We ask the Dutch Muslim community to her to keep a cool head and not to provoke. That is exactly what terrorists want. They will only stop when society is torn apart. That we must not happen, "said the Council.

There is contact between the National Coordinator for combating terrorism and security (NCTV) and the mosque dome. The NCTV keeps the situation in the holes. The Dutch mosque boards must also be alert and get the advice to consult safety regulations. "For the great mosques in the Randstad, it is good to see how it is with roadblocks and it is also good to the contact with the district agent to step up," said the Council.